There is something about the choice of rugs that you make that brings a lot of difference in your interior space. The wrong choice of rugs can make your space look off. Additionally, the wrong choice of textile can bring an impression of a not-well-thought of style. One mistake in your carpet choice and the whole home interior puzzle is thrown for a loop.

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For this reason, we have come up with 7 suggestions of cozy and high-quality rugs to complete your home décor puzzle. You can follow the links to see where these rugs are from, and get the one that will please your eye. Let’s make our spaces beautiful and homey!!

This is a multipurpose rug that can be used in the bedroom, living room, kid’s room or a baby’s nursery. The other awesome feature about it is that it has a non-slip bottom that will grip on the floor without leaving any scratches.

It is pet friendly, durable and suitable for high-traffic areas such the living room and dining area. It is easy to vacuum-clean too!

This cotton runner is ideal for the porch area or any other entryway, bathroom     area, bedside, kitchen and other spaces in the living room.

This farmhouse rug is ideal for dining area or outdoor spaces because it is available in various sizes.

We recommend this vintage piece for the living room space. It is non-shedding, family and pet friendly.

It is nice for the living room area and even the kid’s room.

It is easy to clean, stain resistant and does not shed. It’s recommended to prevent slipping and sliding.